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Does anyone have extra brood comb to help me start off my first hive? I am operating a Top Bar whose bars are 18 inches wide (anything a little larger than 16 inches would probably work.)

I live near the intersection on San Mateo and Lomas, and I should be home most of tomorrow. My cell number is 505.412.3907. Thanks!

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Hi Kelsy, hope your new girls are settling in! If you don't hear from others, I know that Don and Sharon (both use TBH) are willing to help out.
Hola Kelsy, just checking in -- any luck with your request for help? How are the new girls doing at your place?
Hi all! So, it looks like my first swarm ever has taken to their hive! Yesterday was rather dramatic, as it took four separate tries to shake the queen inside. (I think she was hiding in a small crevice built into the box!) These ladies sure are sweeties; I didn't get stung a single time! They don't seem very active, but I think they still have their queen since they are all staying in the hive. Hopefully this little after-swarm will make it!

I am currently trying to get ahold of Sharon, and will possibly give the other two gentlemen a call. (I figured I'd call the closest person first.) Thanks so much Chantal!!! I absolutely adore these girls. Oh, and I can bring you your box whenever you are home :)
Hurrah! That's so exciting. Congratulations.

Swing over anytime you'd like and feel free to just leave the box on the front porch.

Keep us all posted about their progress.


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