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Help needed - New Beek with nuc that didn't grow very much over the summer...

Hi There!
This year I got my very first hive of bees! I purchased a nuc of bees with a 2019 queen that looked very healthy and happy. Unfortunately, they really struggled to expand, and my 4 frame nuc has only expanded to become a 5 frame nuc... I'm afraid they won't last the winder with help. Anyone have extra frames of brood that would need a home?

Other info:

  • Location is North Valley
  • Hive is traditional Langstoth
  • I have been feeding bees with pollen patties and sugar
  • Queen is a 2019 (green dot)
  • Been checking on them on average every 10ish days 

Any advice to get them though the winter, or anyone with extra bees that I could add to my hive?

Thank you all so much! 


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Hello Emily,  we have just as much luck over wintering nucs as we do 1 and 2 stack colonies.  I wouldn't worry too much about the size of the colony, just so they have enough food.  However, we usually stack a bunch of them together to help them keep each other warm.  We can stack yours on one of our yards if need be.  Hope this helps.  Where did you get the queen?   

Thanks Justin! Appreciate the help. It's promising to hear that a nuc can make it through the winter.  


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