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So ive always wanted to get into keeping and have done tons of research but wanted local bees. Turns out my next door neighbors have a hive getting set up in the wall getting inside through the gas meter. I don't have a hive but wanted to know if i can make shift something for the time being while protecting the bees for the winter! Can anyone advise or lend help. They said i can have the bees for a little honey each season.

Dont make me tear into the wall and learn on the fly.. they will kill them if they arnt removed in 2 weeks. Il remove them myself before that happens.

By the way im new to the group and my names Johnathan. The hive is in rio rancho and seems pretty friendly.

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Johnathan,  they should be paying you to remove the hive.  And they definitely don't get any of the honey (for the extraction).  If you want to share honey with them as a friend it is a different story.  We run into this a lot and people need to realize that you are doing them a favor.  You are spending your valuable time to "fix" their home.  You wouldn't go fix his toilet for free. 

If they poison the bees, they will not actually kill them, it will only make their issue worse (mad bees moving deeper into the house and building more comb deeper in.  Even if it does kill this years colony, another will move in next year.  And until a new colony moves in, they will be attracting other bugs, mice, ants, cockroaches, etc into the space, not to mention the warm honey doing wall damage.

The best help I can give you is to tell your friend he should pay a professional to completely remove the hive.  Then you pay that person to help you get set up with a hive from a different extraction.  If you try to put the bees from your neighbors yard in your yard they will probably fly back.

Try Scott at nmbeeremovals  

if you havent taken care of this call ron 8046794 he can help you


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