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We have found in one of our 2 hives a beetle that looks like a hive beetle.  We had to dump 5 combs that has bright orange stuff instead of honey and then blackish stuff in the middle of the combs and tunnels or highways on the comb.  We found 2 of them flying and killed them and stopped up the entrance more. This is our strong hive

Is anyone having this? Any preventative ideas short of what we have done that do not involve pesticides?

We are in the Carlisle Comanche area.

Jan and Armand

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Jan, have you had other beekeepers, especially those with experience in disease/pests, take a look at the hive?  Contact the Beeks leadership and someone down the chain will swing by.  My only experience is top bar, and I've only seen wax moths, and minor ant issues, both of which (for me) are symptoms of a weak hive which disappear as the hive strength goes up.  

This is actually a very strong hive and we are top bar. Will see if I can get some experienced beekeepers or call Ken. One of our books called them hive beetles.



Pictures worth a thousand words, sounds like a June bug after pollen. Tunnels are wax moths? Bright orange stuff instead of honey? Its probably honey, or orange soda out of a trash can orange Coolaide ? How many boxes are on the hive? Reduced it down, crowd the bees.what does the hive smell like.?does it offend your nostrel?

Ours is top bar. Orange does not smell. Tunnels are smooth and not flakey unlike wax  moths. One book said thse are hive beetle symptoms.  We should have taken pictures, we were too grossed out, will remember next time.



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