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Hello, My name is Alex i  was wondering if anyone is/has worked with Hives for Hero's? i actually ordered my first Brood this year and then found out about the program but was too late to join. The site says they partner with local Beekeepers and such. Thanks!

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Alex, my name is Bob Kunkel.  I'm enrolled in the 2021 Hives to Heroes program.  We were told 2022 is full and people could apply for the 2023 class.  You might want to look at NMBKA, they have a two year training program. Here's their website: NMBKA – New Mexico Beekeepers Association (

Hey Alex and Bob, I am also enrolled in and taking the 2021 Hives to Heroes class this year. It sounds like a great 9 month program. We can keep you updated on how the class goes.


Mark Sommer works with NMBKA.  He assisted me in attending the hands on portion we can't get through Heroes to Hives.  His email is:  The first hands on class is on 15 May.  Don't know if you need this training.  Thanks, Bob.


Thanks for the information. I will send him an email. 

I am completely new to bees this year. 

Alex, Bob and Ambrose, ditto for me. Also in the 2021 Hives to Heroes program. Who would have thought.

That is awesome we are all in the class. So far the class has been very informative. I hope you guys are enjoying it as well.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Hopefully I can get in. I was ready to get started this year but USPS forgot to mail 200 packages of bees... so now I gotta wait. Good luck maybe I'll see you guys next year


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