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hubbie and I harvested today. The honey is dark with a good flavor and very thick. Question: There's a lot of tiny air bubbles. I don't remember seeing bubbles in previous harvests. Is this normal?

thanks! Camille and Bee

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Camille, without seeing pics, my guess is that the bubbles developed during the processing/bottling.  Did you strain the honey differently this year?  Either way, the air bubbles should work their way to the top and eventually disappear. 

thanks Rhett. The bubbles have settled although there's a fine, light "foam" near the top. We harvested late this year. I've never seen bubbles before, but then again we have always harvested earlier than September in the past. Maybe that makes a difference? The honey is too dark for photos. Or I should say I'm not a good enough photog to get an adequate picture of the honey. I think the honey is probably okay altho I'm wondering about that foam….. I don't want to make mead :-)

When honey is poured through a strainer, sometimes air bubbles get trapped into the honey.  Once the honey is allowed to settle, the bubbles work their way to the top forming a foam layer.  The foam, on the other hand, will not totally disappear.  There are no concerns!  You're okay!     


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