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Help! my bees are over run by hornets! what should i do? I killed two yesterday now there are a ton. I even saw one carrying away a baby bee. Any ideas guys?

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Have you screened the opening, or closed it with a brick or something, so only about an inch is open?  That'll help them guard.

To answer your question the bees have actually closed the opening to the hive a bit.  They were very active yesterday when I got home when it was still kind of warm outside.  Do you think the hornets have made a hive within the bee hive? 

if  I were u I would go ahead and open up the hive to make sure u still have a hive,

if your bees are ok then I would wait till they are all in and tape or stop up the entrance

then I would move the hive,maybe you can find a better winter location for it,while the bees are locked up for

a day or 2 you could put a trap where your hive assuming they are yellow jackets and

they will be back.when u do let your bees out make sure the entrance is a little thicker than a pencil.

yellow jackets are earlier risers in the morning than our honey bees an can bully a weak hive,check your hives

early in the morning u may see them testing your hives..i m sure they love larva even more than honey.

Yeah so I will try to move my hive from where it is under the trees to under my pourch so its closer to the house.  Once there what do I do about the yellow jackets?  They are a pest.  Still in my hive, and yes my hive is still alive.

looks like you may have taken action toooo late..sorry for the loss,i think I

kinda know how you feel,im sure you learned a lot from this and that's what

prepares us for the next swarm...hang in there,spring is around the way.

I would keep your empty hive away from your good hive as I cleaned it up, recycle

what you can and get it ready for the coming season...if you haven't already done this.

good luck to you and your bees..

Thanks! Yeah i definitely learned a lot and won't let the minor set back stop me. I just wish I would have taken more honey from them before the winter season. I wanted them to have the stores to survive.  Next time I will move them earlier and plug up the entrance entirely when it is cold out. I don't know what I could have really done differently.  Can I reuse the comb they have created when i introduce new bees?  Will they regent the comb? It really beautiful comb.  

moving hives is not the big deal people make it out to be my yard I have my summer spots then

I moved them 1 week ago to their winter spots out of the north side frezzing areas,this has increased my winter survival opinion of course,,

My question is how much damage can yellow jackets do to my hive.  This is my first year, however they are very strong I went from 0 combs to over 25 bars, 10 of which are full of honey.  I did not take to much from them because I wanted them to be able to over winter. 

That's really good. I must be in a low nectar area, or

yeah i hope i can overwinter them and keep the honey flowing! 

like I said while ur bees were locked up for a day or two I would have put out a trap

where my hive used to be...but before I release the bees I would move the trap some yards away

from where the honeybees used to be, some of your bees will return to their old gps location but

will figure out where their new location is. when you remove them remove even the bricks that the hive sat on

,don't forget to narrow ur entrances ,strong hives pile up at the entrances and will not let jackets  in, but

when its colder  the door way has no guards,if u can u could completely lock ur bees in each cold nite

then let them out later in the day when they have warmed up and come back down to guard the entrances..

just a suggestion...


Just checked on my bees. they are all dead :-( i killed all the yellow jackets and plugged up the entrance. I wish I would have taken all the honey before the yellow jackets robbed me. 


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