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Help! my bees are over run by hornets! what should i do? I killed two yesterday now there are a ton. I even saw one carrying away a baby bee. Any ideas guys?

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Most likely other honey bees robbed the honey. Sorry for the loss! Was the hive a package of bees or?

It wasn't other bees that robbed my hive it was the yellow jackets! I went through my hive and killed every last one of them.  It only took a week too. The strange thing was that there was not even 10 thousand dead bees it is almost as if my bees left.  A couple weeks before when I went through there was over 20-30 thousand. It was a bee package I got from Craig Norlander.  Oh well I guess I will start over from scratch again next season.  At least this time I will have already comb ready for the bees.  Will bees regent other comb from another bee?  

check your comb if is good your bees will use it ,the problem is, keeping

it away from wax moths ,who like to lay their eggs in comb.

If I keep the beehive completely sealed then it should be fine right? 

I would make sure it was free of wax moth larva first, tight seal should be fine 


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