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Hello Everyone,

I didn't see a link to the March 11th meeting so I thought I'd post something that might be educational and relevant to this time of year.

Recently I've switched to bucket feeders for Fall, Winter and early Spring feeding. I've always found the yellow inserted screen caps in the bucket feeder lids a nuisance.  Moreover, I've never felt comfortable, nor had success in inverting a gallon of sugar syrup over a hive in the dead of winter with a 2 inch hole cut out in the lid.

Needless to say this has led me to look for alternatives. In the video link below I show how to directly weld a screen into the bucket feeder lid, and invert it for a shake test before applying it to the hive. So far, throughout the entire winter I've not had any leaky buckets, and have not drowned any bees. 

If you enjoy (or despise) the video below please leave some feedback.

or click HERE to route directly.



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Thanks for sharing such a great video.  Well done and very helpful.


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