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On 05/11/2015 Mon Ms. Anita called me for swarm in downtown.

So I went 2112 Charlevoix on old town.

I found large block of bee on vine wood fence facing street.

I put 50% of bees to my box and hope most to come in.

But bee in the box are going back to the same spot,

So I was investigating deeper, then I found out another group of bees in this vine wood fence.

Home owner Ms. Sue. told my wife over the phone "Do not destroy my fence" and she never come out and two big dogs in lucky I had home made bee vac and next door neibor help me to plug my vac.

I am glad I had bee bac. also plz see under FORUM - Hives + Bees

How to put two group of bee to hive

Mega and Laurie

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Good job! I made my own custom bee vacuum this year and it is great, especially for cutouts.


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