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Looking for another top bar hive, or 2.

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Do you have hives now?  What kind?  How long?  How wide?  You probably want them to be the same size as what you have.  Do you want one that has legs?  What kind of entrance do you want?  Kenyan, Tanzania?  Warre?  What kind of top bar do you want?  There are many options.  There are many places on the internet where you can buy hives.  I build my hives and there are people around who build and sell them.

I just talked to a fella in Penasco who's going to make me a nice one for a good price. Thanks!

Hi Ted,  Do you sell top-bar hives?  If not, could you point me in the right direction?

Hi Rachel did you find someone to make you a hive?

I make top bar hives TJ Carr design.

You can send me an email if your still looking or have any questions!

Hi Jassamyn,

One thing you want to do asap is to order your bees if you do not already have a source.  Package bees run out quick for April and May deliveries.



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