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PROMOTION: Bee Hives: Special Offer Triple Deep Hives with extra queen (2 queens total) $500.00

PROMOTION: Bee Hives: Special Offer Triple Deep Hives
with extra queen (2 queens total) $500.00
     We have a limited number of Triple deep hives ($500.00) with bees available spring 2021. We are including a 2nd queen to make and early split with. These are 2021 queens. We have a standing order for 200 queens with Hawaiian Queen Company out of Hawaii to be shipped the last week of March each year. These early queens cost $35.00 each plus shipping when you order 10 or more. This is an added value of $50.00 to our special. You can order one or more hives. Hives are on screened bottom board and are 10 frame equipment with 8 frames (16 total) in the first two supers and a division board feeder in each super. The third super is a 10 frame medium super with plasticell foundation. The third super you will need to place on your hive after you set it up. Hives are strong and have a fall 2020 queen. Hives will need this immediate super for honey production and or swarm prevention.
     These hives will be available for pickup after April 15th in Mesa, AZ and after May 1, 2021 in Belen, NM.
     This is a limited time promotion until January 22, 2021. This offer ends when we have sold out. Payment in full with order. We accept credit cards, cash and checks/money orders.
     These hives are ready to make honey and make splits with as soon as you get them. Take advantage of the spring honey flow then consider splitting them into 2 hives or nucs after the flow. We make well over 100 pounds of spring honey with these double deeps then split them in early summer. The equipment alone is worth over $300.00 without the bees, extra queen, brood, honey, pollen and drawn comb.
     See Value of a Double Deep hive versus a single, nuc or package.
     Call or text 505-286-4843. You can send an email to

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I would be interested in a triple deep hive to pick up in Belen, NM.  But I should point out that as my time machine is currently broken I will not be able to travel back to May 1, 2020.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.  LOL.  I will correct that.  Give Louella a call or text her at 505-286-4843.



If you still have hives available, I would be interested in picking one up in Belen.


Teresa Benton

Hi Teresa, 

Yes, we do.  Give Lou a call and she will set up an order for you.




Do you still have these packages available? I think I would like to reserve one.

Yes, give Lou a call at 505-286-4843 and she will get your info and reserve it.



I ordered a hive in February.  When and where will they be available? 

I saw a date of May 1 but haven't heard anything.

Thanks so much,




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