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I am a documentary film maker who will be back home in Albuquerque for the summer, and I am very interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping. I would love to have the opportunity to work with some beekeeping experts and catch it on film.

If anyone is interested in letting me work with them this summer, or wants some more information from me, please let me know!


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Hi Mia, I am sure you will find many Honey Bee experts and adventures here. Best Wishes and Welcome Home.

Mia, I would love to talk you about bees and you are welcome to come visit in my yards. Jessie Brown 710-3277,

I'm not an expert beekeeper but would like to learn more about your project. And yes, you are welcome to visit my bee yard. I have 4 TB hives.

Hi Mia -- You may be interested in coming out to one of the ABQ Beeks mentoring days at the Open Space Visitor Center bee yard. Beekeepers experienced in topbar and Langstroth style hives inspect the hives along with beginning beekeepers. The next program is May 24 at 11:00 AM. You can browse Events on this site for other dates, or I can send you the schedule: 897-8865 or

Jodi Hedderig

Hi Mia- if you are interested in visiting a queen honeybee breeding farm less than two hours from ABQ, you are welcome to visit. We are hosting an intern this year who is a deaf beekeeper- which is also quite interesting, helping with a local bee cooperative and conducting NM specific honeybee research...its an exciting time in history to be a beekeeper....

Melanie Kirby



Tel: 505/929-8080

or 505/901-2102

HI Mia-

We are  completely non-expert amateur beekeepers however if you would like to learn about how otherwise normal people suddenly find themselves keeping bees in their backyard, please feel free to contact us- and yes, for us it did all start with a documentary about bees.


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