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     We had two hives still active in late January.  Both got hit on a warmish week by what I thought were robbers, and both hives didn't make it.  Then, we had a swarm 2 weeks ago settle into one hive.  It was going fine, with moderate activity, until an hour or two ago(?), at least sometime today, the activity picked up noticeably at the hive.  I just put a robber guard on, but all of the bees found their way in.  Probably not best to put it on in the middle of the day.  Is this robbing, and if so, any tips?  We've had a number of hives over the last few years die, I think by this phenomenon.  Usually in the winter.  Then the same local strong feral(?) hive throws off a swarm, and we get it?  Then it gets killed, etc.

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