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Greetings Beeks, 

This is the first season that I will be beekeeping so I am just now embarking on the journey to set-up my hive and learn about this very important and beautiful practice.

A friend of mine has gifted me a Langstroth hive that I will be purchasing frames for. 

I am kind of turned off by the plastic foundations and/or the wax covered plastic foundations. I like the idea of using 100% beeswax but none of the sites that I have searched actually sell them assembled. I was going to purchase unassembled frames, but then I realized that there is a whole wiring process that seems pretty difficult. I don't know if I am going to be able to wire the foundation properly without damaging it. 

Does anyone have experience wiring 100% beeswax foundations for the Langstroth hives? If so, would you be willing to help me if I go ahead with that option.

Also, if you are a beekeers and can explain to me why the plastic is used so much more widely,  I would appreciate any education. 

Thanks so much,


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Zhenya, I wire 100% beeswax foundation for my Langstroth hives.  In fact I am in the middle of building frames right now.  If you would like to see how to do it you are welcome to come observe.  Call me if interested, 217-5200 is my cell.  I live in the deep South Valley.

Hello Zhenya, welcome.

So I use the plastic frames coated in wax and find those preferable to uncoated plastic. The girls just won't build on top of plain plastic for me. Also, I do pepper my boxes with foundationless frames in an ABAB pattern, alternating with foundation frames. This way I get the best of both worlds -- the ease of a starter foundation but lots of frames for the girls to build comb however they'd like.

Plastic is cheap and doesn't fall apart in extractors, and it can be used again and again. It probably makes less work for the beekeeper, too.

Hi Zhenya,

I have a video on my website showing the basics of assembling frames and wiring wax foundation at:



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