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The Las Conchas fire near Los Alamos has prompted inquiry about bee exposure from several organizations and researchers. 
For more info on the groups involved  contact The Embudo Valley Environmental Monitoring Group:
Sheri Kotowski
PO Box 291
Dixon, NM 87527
505 579 4076
They are looking to monitor any residues and particulants that bees may have been exposed to in order to assess what we in the surrounding communities may have been exposed to. They are looking to collect samples of bees and also pollen. They are requesting samples from area beekeepers with hives near Los Alamos and surrounding areas that have been exposed to smoke from the fire.
A researcher chemist will be coming to NM to collect samples from those interested around
Aug. 5th-8th. If interested in providing samples, please forward your beehive(s) location/area and contact info to either myself ( or Sheri Kotowski (
Melanie Kirby

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I'll be interested to find out what the results of this study turn out to be.. Please keep us informed. Thanks, Dave


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