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We have our last batches of mated queens for the season available. For those wanting or needing to requeen or making big splits for overwintering, this is the time to get queens in before it gets too cold. These batches of queens are all from our mountain mating yards.


As of next season, we will be focusing on producing breeder companions and not so much on production queens. So its the last opportunity to get a ZQB mountain mated queen that isn't priced as a breeding companion. Mated queens $35- marking included free of charge. We will be coming to Albuquerque for the meeting on Thursday or we can mail queens- priority flat rate which arrives overnight to most NM locations costs $7.


Fall review: check for any brood disorders and for ample food stores. If your bees are low on food stores, now is the time to offer them supplemental food so that they have time to utilize it to procure the last of the natural forage and to store away for overwintering needs. Protein is critical at this time- bees need the "fat" from the pollen to overwinter well. If pollen stores are minimal, then offering a protein supplement may benefit them. Natural recipes recommended of course. Bees tend to need anywhere from 60-90 pounds in the northern region depending on cluster size. Minimize dead space in hives by condensing or using false walls to help them regulate temp swings. Minimizing screened bottom boards during the windy months is helpful. If you have several weak colonies, best to fuse them into a strong colony- they'll have a better chance of making it through winter.


Viva las Abejas... Melanie Tel: 505/929-8080 P.O. Box 317 Truchas, New Mexico 87578 USA


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