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Laying Workers---If you think an unfertilized egg cannot produce a female worker bee Think Again..

Resistant bees  edited 9-5-2019 by RE   

  Thelytoky in a Strain of U.S. Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera L.) May, 1991 – Bee Science

For those of you that wonder if a laying worker can produce a female read this article, this is the most current link I can find on this topic is at: resistant Bees Oddly the original atricle that I referenced  above is now embargoed.

While researching Thelytoky in Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera scutellata) bees I came across this study and the article linked to the Resistant Bee website.

Interesting Side note; Since 2016 I noticed some pecularities in one of my captured feral colonies. These observations lead me to start some investigation into what might be going on. In my quest to understand an interesting phnomena that I observed I located the following research on Thelytoky.  I suspect that several of my colonies occassionally re-produce via this method. I am really excited about what we still don't know about bees and this leads my journey and quest for knowledge.  I my opinion the strain on NM feral honeybee stock that I collected may be exhibiting Thelytoky in my main Apairy since 2016. Interesting that all of my surviving colonies are beleived to be related to the 3 colonies that were captured between 2016 to 2017 that exhibited interesting charteristics. All 3 colonies had what I would call super producing queens. These colonies build up fast and are great honey producers with excellent survivability thus far, I have also used them for pollination moving them from a southern climate to a much harsher northern climate in early March and they were ready to split in by early April when they returned.  

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