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Several Albuquerque beeks have had tremendous success using my motorized extractor so far this summer.  They are surprised to get more honey from their frames than they were expecting, and it is all because the extractor does all the work.  We just sit back and talk, drink coffee, tell stories, solve the world's problems while the extractor just spins.  The frames are uncapped, loaded, the switch is turned on and we stand there amazingly watching the miracle take place.  Hardly ever lift an arm, except to place the frames in the extractor, and there is no sweat either.  Call me (505) 463-3812 or email me ( )for setting up a time to join in the fun to get your "load of honey" extracted. Attached is a schedule of the extraction prices.  Meanwhile, just keep on beeing!

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We had a great time over at Mike Griffin's extracting our honey from Langstroth frames. DJ and Margaret Nickles brought a heat gun, so we learned how to use it to remove caps. Of course Joe Wesbrook used it to reheat coffee! Lorene brought 12 frames in two sizes, which fit perfectly into one load for the extractor. It's well worth it to go over to enjoy a relaxing morning with Mike. You'll go home with lots of honey, empty frames and no mess to clean up!


Thanks Christianne for the kind words.  DJ & Margaret, along with Gerry Williams, came again to extract about 10 days ago.  They went home overjoyed that they extracted more than they expected.  What fun!!

I had fun and as always, I learn so much whenever I work with other beekeepers.  I look forward to joining you again as soon as I have 6 full frames of honey.

Thanks Lorene for the note.  I'll hopefully will have 4-6 frames in a couple of weeks.  Perhaps we can extract together, if you can wait until then.  If someone else calls to extract between now and then, I'll let you know so you can extract earlier, if need be. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

That sounds about right Mike.  In two weeks I should have 6 full frames.  I don't mind taking the later time slot.  That allows me to leave my frames in the hives until the last minute.  I need to extract on a weekend because I work.  That puts us at August 10th or 11th.  Shall we schedule me on Sat or Sun?

Let's make it August 10 at 7:00am.  I'll have the coffee and pastries too.  And, if you know anyone else who is ready to extract, just let me know.  Thanks and I've got you on the calendar.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to use the website well enough.  I just saw your note.  I really want the later time.  I don't want to remove my frames until the morning of the extraction.  I work all week and Saturday is my quiet morning at home.  Is it possible for me to have the later time around 11:00?

I know how important quiet time is, so you've hit the jackpot.  11:00am is the time.  See you then.

Thank you Mike!  See you at 11 on the 10th, with at least 6 frames.  Do you need to know in advance if I have more frames?  I think it might be like last time where I have a few 6" frames and 6 10" frames.  I know I have to have equal numbers.

If you have at least 6" frames, that is good.  We can probably extract them with the 10" ones at the same time, providing they line up spatially in the extractor.  That would extract all 12 at the same time.  We can see.  I don't need to know in advance if you have more.  Just bring what you have.

I will be there.  I won't know until then how much I will have but I will bring an even number of frames.  See you on the 10th


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