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Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Please contact me here, by email or by phone 505.377.9460! 

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My friend Gary may have a swarm in Tanoan community. Can you call him at 974-6884 to see. He says its bumblebees but how he described it sounds more like a swarm. Thanks. Marisa.

Just wanted to say Thank you for calling my friend Gary. I was in Las Cruces when he called me and that's when I went online from my cell phone. I am new to bee keeping so I just went to this page and saw your listing. I just talked to him and he said you're working on getting assistance. I'm so impressed with the bee community. I have been to a couple of mentor meetings and bee meetings at the Bosque school and everyone has been so helpful. I hope I can be more help in the future too as I get more experience. Thank you again. Marisa 

Hey Marisa - No problem. I'm glad I could be of help. There are a ton a great resources on this forum. 

Me too. Except nuecs.

Does anyone have bees? We need three nuecs in top bar hive.

Email me at or call 303-503-9451.


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