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one of my topbar hives is not doing well. anyone in the NE part of Abq, that might be able to advise me? (near Juan Tabo and Candlearia) I think I lost my queen. still inexperienced in this art, and these are new bees I am not familiar with. thanks.  505-301-0547

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My husband and I have a hard time finding the queens in our 4 hives. But as long as you have brood then you have a queen. We live on Comanche in between Juan Tabo and Tramway. We might be able to help. 505-331-7815

Camille and Bee (husband)

thank you Camille. nope I found no brood. BUT, the transfer of brood comb to the queen less hive seems to have WORKED!! went into the hive and the numbers are up and brood all over the place. good job girls. also thanks to Papa Bear for some good phone support.

Hi Gretchen,

I just happened to see your question the day Craig aka Papa Bear came to our home with a new queen for one of our hives. I told him about your issue. I called you after seeing your post (must have seemed a little strange to you) and then he took over from there. He's an awesome beekeep!


I remember your call, and I am very glad you did call. I was pretty unsure and nervous about moving some brood comb (my first time), so talking with Papa Bear (Craig) was reassuring and I got some good advice. thanks you.


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