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Hi all -

Today we went into our top-bar hive expecting to be able to harvest quite a bit of honey. The hive is strong and there is a lot of nectar in the comb but the bars are only partially capped so I didn't feel like I could take any of them.

The entire hive box is full, the brood chamber is a good size but all the other 20+ bars of comb have anywhere from 25-75% capped honey and uncapped honey/nectar filling in the remaining cells.

What are your thoughts? Normally this week would be the last time we open the hive but I think we will be heading back in one more time over the next couple weeks to see if they have finished capping so we can harvest some. What happens if we harvest some of this uncapped honey?

I have been looking through my Les Crowder book but can't find anything that addresses this issue.



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We harvested this year (first harvest we've had) at 75% capped, and it's just fine.  I don't know about lower.  Atm, one of our hives is fine, one is low and the other is also low.  We're hoping they hit the chamisa hard this week, and will be checking this week and next.  Possibly the following week as well, depending upon temp.  The weather is still very warm.



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