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For Sale
Mann Lake Plastic small cell foundation
PF100  (9-1/8) and PF120 (6-1/4)
I have several hundred extra new, never used plastic frames and foundation
Mann Lake   PF100 $2.95 ea.  Sell for  $1.75 ea.
                     PF120 $2.75 ea.  Sell for  $1.60 ea. 
Email if interested and I will inventory what I have. I would prefer to sell in one lot.
John Gagne
Santa Fe

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I'll nibble.  What size are they?  I could look it up, but others might want to know.  I only use 6" frames.  I would be interested.



Standard Deep Size Frames PF100 9 1/8"

Standard Med Shallows        PF120  6 1/4"

I still have some left.


I sent you a personal message.


John, I am interested in the pf100's if you have any left.

Russ Green

505 401 9543

All of the PF100 Deep Frames have been sold.  I still have PF120's available.

John, I would still like some PF 120's.  How can we arrange that?



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