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Hello Everyone,

I have some MAQS's (Mite Away Quick Strips) for sale. I bought them last year as a back up plan to treat my hives for varroa in case my numbers did not come down after treating with Apiguard. The packs are scheduled to expire April this year.

If you need help applying the treatment I'd be willing to assist you in using them. Below are the details:

  • MAQS are a non-synthetic treatment for varroa. They use formic acid as a means of killing varroa mites.
  • You may use this treatment during a honey flow.
  • MAQS are certified as an organic treatment for varroa by BioGro.
  • 5 X MAQS packs; each pack has four strips.
  • I'm selling the packs for $10 each (all five packs for $50)
  • Depending on your method treatment you can treat 5 or 10 hives.

    • If you choose the seven day treatment you can treat 10 hives.
    • If you choose the 21-day treatment you can treat 5 hives.

Call if you are interested: 505-796-2244



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