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Come down to the Agriculture Building today, tomorrow and next weekend to see the Abq Beeks booth and our "Live Bees!" Also, to find out if you have won a ribbon for your honey products. 

-Thank you so much to our Abq Beeks volunteers who are answering questions and taking shifts at the Booth. A big thank you to Chantal Forster for lending us her BEES, and to Judith Shaw and her beautiful bee artwork. Thank you to Akashia Allen for creating our handouts. 

-Thank you so much for all the people that helped donate items and time for our glass display case. Carolyn Hammack, Randy Swartz, TJ Carr and Ken Hays. 

-And a huge thank you to Joran Viers for helping us coordinate all things Fair related!

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Alas, my honey did not place.  Do they tell you what was wrong or how you can improve next year?

Hi Ted, I'm sorry you didn't place this year. Between you and me, I'm sure your honey is divine! Here is the criterion the judges were looking for.  

Flavor and Aroma 25

Color and Brightness 25

Container Appearance- clean jar and cap 25

Cleanliness- without dirt or lint 25

Total Points 100

Some of the categories have many entries, like light amber and amber honey and it's harder to place because the judges are tasting 40 incredible jars. Wouldn't it be great to be the Judge of the honey division! Anyway, try again next year. Give your honey an extra filter, let it sit for a few days before pouring into the jar so all the debris has time to float to the top and get skimmed off, make sure your jar and cap are spotlessly clean and know that placing or not, you are one lucky guy to even have a honey harvest!!!! 

Absolutely true about the harvest!  We didn't even have an entry until the day before the fair started, so we didn't have any time to let it settle or anything.  It was just out of the hive and into the jar.  It was amber too.  I was thinking about judging honey.  What a job!  I think it would be very hard.  To me, there is not much I can do about the first two criteria except what you stated, and it seems like everyone should do about the same in the second two criteria.  We love our honey anyway, and so do all of our friends.


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