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I want to move my top bar hives about 5-6 feet from their present location. Has anyone tried the method of piling up branches in front of the entrance to get them to think there's been some kind of environmental damage, which will then cause them to reorient themselves to the new location? 

thanks, Camille

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I have a TB hive in my back yard.  This spring I had to move my hive about 15 feet.  They seemed to do just fine finding the new location.  I did not make any other changes.  It may not be that easy in all cases but I did not see any issues with my move.  Good luck.

thank you Randy. I was concerned they would be disoriented if I moved the hives. 

You will see some disoriented bees flying around maybe for a day or two but they will figure it out.  Since you are only moving your hive 5-6 feet away, any disorientation will probably be limited.


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