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The other week one of my hives swarmed, which is great, only, when I checked on them on Friday, they looked to be queenless, no eggs or brood but still lots of bees and honey. I'd like to get a queen in there as soon as there is one available. If you have one, reply here as my phone is currently not working and I'll find a way to call you back. Thank you.

Could it be possible that she was on a mating flight? Or maybe I just didn't see her and she hasn't started laying yet? Would there be no brood or larva if that was the case? The bees were very gentle and didn't "act" queenless, they just looked it. They definitely looked like they just swarmed as there was a lot of drones, but still plenty of workers, none of them laying, thankfully. Any help is appreciated.

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Craig at Papa Bears or Ken Hays both had queens as of yesterday.




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