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There is a woman in Tucumcari using bee therapy for MS who has lost her ability to have her bees delivered to her since the Animal Shelter has been destroyed there.


If anyone captures a swarm, please let me know so we can get her started with her own hive.


Mike Fickling


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Mike, Michele and I have a Langstroth we could give for a good cause. We harvested a feral colony from Bernalillo last fall. I think they are of Russian genetics (almost black bees). They were very weak, but survived the winter. I think they just re-queened themselves and are now booming with brood. They do have a tendency to cross-comb. -- Michele and I have recently started treating ourselves with api-therapy, so we would feel good to help someone needing bees for same. We mostly have Top Bar, but were experimenting with Langstroth, thus the odd box on our apiary. -- We live north of Golden, south of Madrid. Would you be able to come pick the girls up some evening? -- Beegards, Grey


Very sweet of you and Michele. Thanks, Grey! 

And aren't those dark bees gorgeous?

Mike came and picked up the bees last night. He arrived just before sunset. The girls didn't want to go, but I'm sure they will enjoy their new home. Mike says there is a better nectar flow where they are going.

Good luck to the lady in Tucumcari!



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