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Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

I watched the first episode the other night and really enjoyed it.  Some may say that Walter Schumacher is a few frames short of full box :-) but he has a great sense of humor and his passion for bees is infectious.  I highly recommend the show.   

Bee Czar on Discovery Channel

"In the heart of Texas, “Bee Czar” Walter Schumacher is saving the world one hive at a time – and he does it without wearing a protective bee suit. His technique? He “communicates” with the bees to avoid being stung. Walter and his team at the American Honey Bee Protection Agency rescue hives from places they’re unwanted – whether inside the walls of a house or 30 feet up in a neighborhood tree – and relocate the hives where the bees can thrive and pollinate in peace."

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"Ramon's got to learn one very beautiful lesson, to be the tree, A.K.A:  Be calm, be quite, and be still 'cause trees don't get stung"  Walter Schumacher, the Bee Czar


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