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Hey Ya'll, I am needing to queen my trap out after two unsuccessful queen raising by adding comb with eggs. They don't seem bad off so I would like to give them a queen asap, so that they wont have any issues. It's strange because the last I checked, about a week ago, I saw the beginnings of a queen cell and when I checked it today, not even evidence it was ever there….?

Anywho, does anyone have a queen for sale in town? If not, where can I order one locally?

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Hi Kate...I will have some queens for sale by monday...give me a call if that works for you.  505-681-5662


Megan, Elias is also getting a new queen from you and adding one of my capped brood combs to his queenless hive.

He was planning on putting newspaper between the two bee families. Should the queen stay in her cage on the side of his old wild bees or on the side with my newly introduced Carniolans?



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