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Are there any bee keepers active on the 87108 site? 

Did any of you attend the annual conference this month?  

I want to know how many hives are in my neighborhood I have one right now and will start another in March when the bees come in.  I plan to plant more flowers and would love to share seed with others to up the fodder available to our bees. 

I also am in the process of selling my mother in laws house.  It is near Kirtland Louisiana Gate on about a third of an acre and has a large back yard which I hope to plant as well. 

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Hi Lisa,

I'm at Morningside SE near Coal—in the 87108 area. My bees are alive and well and I hope to get another one this Spring also.  I have been planting pollinator habitat for the past year and so the girls should be very happy and busy when Spring breaks!   Sharing seed and planting the neighborhood with pollinator habitat sounds like a wonderful idea.  Let's be in touch!

Lisa, I live in the same neighborhood as your mother-in-law's house.  I attended the annual conference and got a lot out of it.  I am just getting started with beekeeping.  I built a top bar hive and ordered a nuc from Ken Hays; should get it the first part of May.  I'm also planning to attend Ken's workshop in Bosque Farms on May 10.


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