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Hi Everybody! I wanted to let you know that I will moving to Northern California for at least a year to work for a commercial beekeeper and queen breeder.  I am very sad about leaving, but also excited to gain a new experience (and perhaps become a better beekeeper because of it).  I will miss such a fabulous bee community.  Thank you for all your support!  Please help Chantal to keep ABQbeeks up and running.  I am leaving my bees here for I will have to come back!

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You Will Be Missed.  Thank You for ALL you've done for the BEEKs.... and Thank You for ALL that you've done for me.  d

Thank you for all your work with ABQBeeks. Have a wonderful time in California and safely back to us!

We'll miss you in town!!! Have a great New Year, and good luck in 2012.  Keep in touch.  Matt  

My old stomping grounds...should be lots of fun!  Megan, thanks for all your help this year.  I learned so much from you...the bees say thank you:-)

Huge thanks to you, Megan, for being such a vital, enthusiastic, and experienced part of our local bee community. We will miss you terribly during your year away and hope you come back to visit with lots of ideas and experience to share!


Who are you working for?

Mark and I will be conducting a couple of spring rearing projects of Cali Surf-ivor bee stock early this spring in northern Cali.

Perhaps we'll run into you...

We'll be in Marin and San Mateo Cntys and also in Willits!

Take care and Suerte-


Hi Melanie! tried calling you yesterday but no answer.  I'll be working for honeybee genetics near vacaville.  I'd love to chat about it with you and want to hear about your surf ivor bee project.  I used to live very close to willits and still go there nearly every year.  Call me if you have a chance.  505-681-5662

I'll give you a buzz. We are currently downstate visiting family and getting ready to head to Vegas for the North American Beekeeping Conference.

Unfortunately, windstream is our only option in Truchas for our landline and we are experiencing issues with our home phone so email or my cell works best for the time beeing-

Hoping windstream will correct our landline issues soon...

My cel: 505/901-2102


Talk to you soon!

I am so excited for you...I'm sure it will be a great experience :)


Congrats on your big change this year Megan!!!!

Oh! No! But may you have exciting fun, may you learn even more, and swiftly return to share your wisdom!

Hello Megan, tomas here, Bravo.  How exciting for you. I have to say that I am envious.  If you need any help with the management of your hives here in Burque I would be happy to help out. 

Good luck


Thanks so much for letting me tag along and getting me started, Megan.

I have ordered a package with Carnolian queen to repopulate my lonely hive.

Long live the queen(s)!


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