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Hi all,

I'm searching for ways to get some hands-on experience with bees between now and next spring when I hope to start beekeeping myself.

Becoming a member of NM Beeks, getting to hear Michael Bush earlier this summer, and reading voraciously and planning ever since have kept me busy so far. I have yet to get any protective attire or other equipment as I was hoping to get a little advice and good recommendations from local beeks before doing even that.

I'd like to have a mentor in the spring, but I figure it would be a good idea to earn that privilege by offering whatever help I can now in exchange for learning the beekeeping ropes. A 15' by 33' vegetable garden and 11 laying hens (barter?) have places in Our Little Eden near Juan Tabo and Candelaria and I'd love to add a couple hives. Given my total inexperience, though, I'd also love for any willing local beek(s) to help me make wise decisions so I can begin preparing prudently for next spring.


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You are a little far from me, but I would be happy to show you around my apiary.  I was in the same position last year, so I would be very willing to share.  Depending on your size, I have a spare bee suit, so I might be able to let you help with an inspection, if you would like.


Hi Brett, also watch your email around next March/ April. That is when the Abq Beeks starts matching mentors and mentees for the year. Make sure to respond and we will try to match you with someone who keeps hives close to you and with the same style of hive. 

Thanks, Jessie.


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