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Hello All,

My name is Tim, and I hope to begin my first year of beekeeping in 2019! I have been an avid learner of the hobby for a couple years now, and have made the decision to start the hobby in my backyard. I've read a lot of different materials and watched numerous videos (like Vino Farms on YouTube), and hope to take that knowledge and apply it to my own colony of bees.

Being new to the hobby I was hoping to get some feedback on Albuquerque beekeeping specifically and what types of things to anticipate raising bees out here. I would also like suggestions and recommendations on where to purchase both bees and equipment. There are obviously many online retailers including Amazon that have many of the supplies needed, but if there are any good local areas that are not terribly expensive I would much rather buy local. Also knowledge of when and where I can purchase a package of bees would also be a large boon as I know it can sometimes be difficult to obtain bees if you are not quick to the draw.

Overall, I am very excited to get started on this adventure, and I hope that this community can help foster and grow a new beekeeper.

Thank you,

Tim Bahr

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Come to the NM Beekeepers Assoc Annual meeting Feb 1 & 2, 2019

I'll be there!


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