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I have a couple of nucs for sale

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Ok, it should be ready to go this weekend.  Sunday works best for me since I have a pretty busy Saturday so that would be a maybe.  Pay at pickup.  I’ll check them later today.

Looking at these new nucs, I’m not ready to let them go just yet.  They still need some time.

Okay.  Just let me know when we can pick them up.  Thank you so much. 

We lost our hive with the last snow storm.  It was a pity, because the queen was already laying.  We are anxious to get our hive going again.

Im sorry to hear that you lost them.  I’ll let you know when these are good to go.

Hi,  your nuc will be ready this weekend.  They are looking good.

Gerald, do you still have any nucs left?

I have a few.  I’ll post them here as they become ready.

Just let me know you want one and I’ll reserve it for you.  I have a couple reserved now and a limited number going forward.

I would like a nuc sir. Will they be ready in two weeks? I will be. Please let me know.

Hi Chris, ok, I have you for one.  Yes they will definitely be ready by then.

I will need to know where to meet you. Also, will you be wanting replacement frames?

Please text or call me at 520-247-9705 so I can meet you and get a nuc sir. 


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