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I have a couple of nucs for sale

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How much?


how much are they?

Nucs are $200.00

Could you please give me some information about the bees?  Do you know what variety?  Did they overwinter in Albuquerque?  Thank you!

I am interested in a nuc.  Are they still available?

The overwintered nucs have been sold or promised.  I have two more from splits with new saskatraz queens that should be ready to go this weekend.

Hi Gerald. I bought a couple of Queens from you last year. Do you still have any NUCS left? I lost my Bees over the winter.

Jim Fitz.

Yes, I have a couple.  Should be good to go this weekend

I may have a couple more coming since my resource hives are exploding

We are definitely interested in a package or nuc.  How do we order one from you?

Just confirm and I’ll put your name on it

We want it.  How soon can we pick it up?  Do we pay you when we pick up?


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