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I came across this beautiful open air hive at the NM state bar association office.  They do not want to kill the bees but also do not want to pay me to remove them.  It is about 16 feet above the ground hanging from a cottonwood branch.  Anybody interested in trying to remove them?  Im sure they will not make it through the winter months.  I was surprised at the size of it considering the rain storms we have been having lately.

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Is this still in the same location or has it been taken care of (by weather or beek)?

Hi Isaac...

yes as far as I know the nest is still there.  I went and looked at it before the big rainstorm last I am not positive that it survived but I would guess yes.  It is should go have a look!

I think I may look at it tomorrow, thanks! Uh, do you have a physical address for these guys?

The bees are gone. The comb is BEAUTIFUL!Perspective angle...


Side view.


From underneath. 

Very cool, thanks Grey.


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