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Hello all and thank you for your patience. I am in a very rural part of Northern California with almost no internet acess and LOTS of work.  Because of the late almond season this year and shortage of bees in general, my packages will be availabe two weeks later than previously thought.  My pick up date is now April 27th....pick up in albuquerque April 29th.  Thanks! I will be sending out a mass email with more information.   Texting me is the best way to get a hold of of me. 505-681-5662

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Can't wait

I can still take an extra if it comes available.

Safe travels, Michelle Franklin

Don't work too hard....heehee :)

We look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return. 

We will be celebrating Mark's 50th and my 40th at the end of June so plan to come up to Truchas to celebrate....the mead is ready!!!

Paz y Alma,


Will you be bringing any more bees to NM this spring?

What time would be best for picking up the bees?


I can use a package of bees w/queen, if you still have some.  I lost my 2 queens during the winter, but Andy caught a swarm last week, so I now have one hive replaced.

My cell is 505-463-3812.


Mike Griffin

How early can I come by on Monday?  I work all day and have a class in the evening...

thanks, Michelle 

Hello everyone! All Systems GO for package delivery to Albuquerque on Monday April 29th.  If you ordered packages from me, you will need to come pick them up on Monday at the home of Phill Remmick in NW Albuquerque between 8.30 and 4ish.  You should have received an email update from me.  You can contact me by phone 505-681-5662 I will be much more available by Saturday.  Wish us luck and see you soon!  We will be able to give you hiving advice and assistance.

It's been two weeks now since we installed our package in our TBH. We opened it today to check, and we have six full (new) combs and four partials, with brood, honey, pollen, capped honey, capped brood, capped drone cells, and one queen cup on the old comb (which I still owe Les for.) I added a few more bars, but I'm amazed at how well it is going. We didn't find the queen, but evidence of her existence is there. Thanks, Megan.

Mark And Kersten Hamilton

hey Megan if you get bees this year please get me a package.

if you get bees this year ,I want one package


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