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Hello beekeepers and future beekeepers!  I am bringing a number of 4 lb packages to Albuquerque around April 15th of 2013.  They are $125 per package.  If you are interested in ordering or getting more information, please call me at 505-681-5662.  Thanks!

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hum I think yes but check your gmail

Hey Megan!!!

Glad you are back. I'd love to chat with you.....

I take it you are headed back to HBG for the winter?

We will be in Marin and surrounding northern CA spots helping CA beekeepers get their season started.

It would be great to or call.

Paz y Alma,


Hi Megan,

I would like to have more information on the bees, what type are they and where do they come from.  I am looking to get 2 packages of bees.

Julie Denison

Hi Julie.

The packages are coming from Heitkam's Honey Bees near Chico, CA.  They are a well known and reputable source.  The packages are 4 lbs with either a new world carniolan or italian queen.  Call me if you want more information.  



What is a carniolan queen?  are they like the italian bees, mine are so easy to work with and would love more.


Carniolan bees are generally darker in color than Italians and are thought to be heartier when it comes to pests and diseases and colder winters.  They are widely used by beekeepers because of these qualities and their gentleness.  Check out the wikipedia page on them.

That sounds great, my daughter and i will take 2, please.


Hi Julie

Great!  would you mind calling me so I can get your information?  505-681-5662  or you can email me your info and I can call you...


I replaced my Italian queen last year with a Carniolan and they are the most gentle bees I have ever worked with.  Plus, as Megan points out, they are very cold hardy and darker than the Italian race.  I don't think I would get any other kind of queen now that I have the Russian/Carniolan queens.



Hi Megan,

I didn't hear back from you about the packages, maybe my email didn't translate over voicemail :) 

I do want one 4lb package of new world carniolan. My email is and my number is 505-440-4258

Thanks so much!


Where will we need to pick up? Just wondering if it is closer than Hays in Bosque Farms. (I always have trouble getting there before 5pm.)

Natalie Carter 385-0650


I have ordered one with you but can take another if you have extra.  I have hive ready.  

thanks, Michelle Franklin  710-5214


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