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Call 505-286-4843 or go online: Here is our posting on package bees on our website:

Package bees for sale. We will offer up to 100 packages this year with an Italian queen. Queens are unmarked. Packages can be picked up in our Belen Apiary, Mesa, AZ or along selected routes. These packages are not a traditional package. Several years ago, we stopped selling packages because of the difficulty in handling packages and the number of new beekeepers losing theirs to swarming, overheating or other issues out of our control.
These packages are made up special. They are not in the traditional cage. We take a nuc box place one frame of honey and one blank frame in the nuc with the caged queen attached between the two frames. We then shake 3 to 4 pounds of bees into the nuc box. The bees can attach themselves to the frames and feed on the honey in transport. When you receive the packages, you can remove the plugged end and let them fly until ready to be installed. Just remove the queen and hang her into your top bar hive and shake all the bees out of the nuc into your hive. You can lay the frame of honey in the bottom of your top bar hive to feed on until your bees start gathering nectar on their own. Leave the queen caged for 3-5 days so the bees start building comb from your bars. then release her. Price on these packages will be $200.00. You can pay by check, cash or debit/credit card. Bees will be ready end of April or first week of May. Visit our website at or call us at 505-286-4843. We take orders over the phone. We accept text messages.
Note: The picture below shows 5 frames of bees in the nuc. This package only has 1 with honey and 1 blank frame.

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