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I am bringing several loads of package bees from California in April 2012.  I will have 3 pound packages for $120.00 with cage exchange and 4 pound packages for $130.00 with cage exchange.  You will have a choice of Hygenic Italian or Carniolan.   I have descriptions of the queens on my website at  These are very gentle bees. 


If you are making top bar hives you will want to begin with package bees.  There have been many problems in the previous years trying to make top bar nucs for sale.


I have reserved 500 packages for April 2012 and about 1/3 of those are already sold.  Remember to order early.  Most packages are sold out by the 1st of March. 


I have several different routes from California I will follow dropping off packages as I go.  Send the name of the city you are near to and I will let you know where I will have a drop off point.

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I was wondering if there is a particular breed you recommend for different areas?  As a beginner, how would I choose?  Would you have a recommendation for a beginner? 

Ted Wilcox

Hi Ted,

I like both the Carniolan and Italian.  They are both also extremely gentle which is a must if you are going to keep bees near neighbors or if you have children, pets and animals or a sensitive spouse.  No matter which queen you choose to head up your colony there are still 4 beekeeping practices you must follow to insure survival. 

     1.  Requeen every year before swarming.

     2.  Prevent swarming

     3.  Feed protein and carbohydrates in the early fall to stimulate egg laying.

     4.  Interrupt the brood cycle in mid summer to control varroa or use drone comb and remove drones before hatch.

When choosing a queen to head up your colony you will want a queen that will produce a lot of bees for your nectar flow.  If your nectar flow is in late spring and early summer you will want a queen like the Italian and Carniolan.  There are other queens that are slow builders who are better suited for late honey flows.  I prefer not to deal with these queens.


The following is cut and pasted from our website at


Carniolan Cross:  We have at the request of beekeepers in colder climates a Carniolan cross. These Carniolan breeders are mated in an isolated area and observed for a year prior to use in the breeding program. The Carniolan virgins are mated with Italian drones, resulting in an excellent mix of both Italian and Carniolan traits which many customers prefer.





Italian Queens have been exclusively light-colored with many fine qualities: the queens are very prolific, known for their rapid spring buildup, and they are very gentle.  Our customers are generally very pleased.


Ed do you still have bees for sale? I havent ordered bees or a hive yet as I have been mulling over beekeeping in general but i think ive decide to give it a go  Ive bookmarked a couple of sites that have hives for sale now I'm checking on bees

Hi Robert,

I still have about 100 packages out of 600.  They are selling out at a rate of about 10-12 per day.  Look at my website at for prices and other details then send me an email to  This second order is for a May 8-10th delivery since the April 17th has sold out.



emailing you now Ed Thanks

Hello Ed

would I be in the frist or second delivery?

Do I need to place empty comb in  my top bar hive when I install the bees?


Thank Mike Warren

Hi Mike,

You paid early and are in the first set of deliveries.  You do not need empty comb when you install the bees, but you should have several combs that you have rubbed the spline with bees wax.  If you do not have any let me know and I will bring you some.

Thanks, Ed

Hi Mike, send me your email address so I have it for tracking and delivery.  Mine is

Thanks, Ed

hello Ed


Thanks Mike

any left? 505-235-6787

Hi Rick and Michelle,

I have about 50 left.  Send me an email ( or call us at 505-286-4843.  Look at my website for details.



Greetings Ed;

I am following up with our conversation at the ABQ march meeting. Where do I pick up the 4 lbs bees on April 12th? thanks, Marlene Perrotte


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