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Hello beekeepers and future beekeepers!  I am bringing a number of 4 lb packages to Albuquerque around April 15th of 2013.  They are $125 per package.  If you are interested in ordering or getting more information, please call me at 505-681-5662.  Thanks!

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We have packages we deliver in your area.

Honey Hive Farms

636 566 6116 Tim

Have delivered in your area for 4 years and have the best bees in the US..

Let me know if I can help

Hi Megan,

Is your plan, still, to bring in your packages around April 15?  Thanks, Kelly McMahan

Hi Megan, I got some bees, so you can give my spot on the waiting list to someone else. Thanks for offering to do this.


Honey Hive Farms has 3 lb packages to be delivered in your area for $110 each unless you buy more and the price goes down.

Hope to help your club if you can not find any packages.

Let us know how we can help you

Tim 636 566 6116

Hi Megan,

What kind of bees do you have? How would you like to be paid?



I am interested in ordering a 4 lb package of Italian bees. I left a message on your phone please let me know about payment and where in Albuquerque you will be delivering.

Thank you,



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