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Paul Stamets – How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply

Please view this video.  The information is AMAZING!

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Thanks for Sharing, I enjoyed and am inspired by what I learned. "We Bee Mushroomed"

Seams like we still have know idea how complex life is.  Smart guy.  Maybe I will make me a little woody decomp bucket.  Half bury a plastic container fill with some good soil, compost, and wood.  Keep moist.

Love this presentation! So glad you posted it. I also thought about starting a little inoculated pile of wood chips and compost.

Thanks for the posting.

He did a presentation at the recent North American Beekeeping Conference which was held in Anaheim in early January. I got to see his presentation and it was extremely moving. They are now working on  mycelium lined verticle and stackable bee boxes (like Langstroth)- which resembles more of a tree trunk on the inside.


Paul has visited NM before- year before last for the Traditional Agriculture & Sustainable Living conference which is held in Espanola every fall.


I spoke to him after his Anaheim presentation and he said that he truly enjoyed his visit to NM....maybe he can come back to share more info on this mycelium based perspective. I'm excited to see where this leads.

I got to attend Paul's presentation at the recent North American Beekeeping Conference in Anaheim a month ago and it was very moving.

He has visited NM before for the Traditional Ag & Sustainable Living conference which is held every year in Espanola.
I spoke to him after his presentation as I was very moved by it and his brilliant mind and he said that he enjoyed his visit to NM.

Perhaps he can be brought to NM again to share his developing mycelium-bee approach. I highly recommend hearing/seeing his presentations on the Fungi Perfecti Bee Friendly Initiative.


Hi Folks, What type of fungi spore and innocculant do you all recommend for this area, i would like to share some of the fungi with the bees, were located in the central NM river valley environment, low water table,I am planning to dig several trenches 4 X 10 Feet about 2-4 feet deep and fill them with my elm and apple tree prunnings and some stumps. I am thinking a shady spot for the trenches should be ideal. 

Bee Herder  sort of!!

I do get some type of wild mushrooms in my back yard when things are moist.  I was just going to let mother nature plant what ever type she wants.  Some of the fancy varieties may not do will in our dry hot air.  Had an indoor mushroom kit that never did very good was hard to keep it moist enough, though I am better with critters then plants.


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