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As spring planting season starts, Tessa R. Grasswitz and David R. Dreesen have shared the preliminary results from 1 1/2 years of researching pollinator friendly plants for NM. Tess Grasswitz spoke at the NM Beekeepers Meeting 2 weeks ago and I know all of us in the audience were writing down plant names as fast as we could! This research has only been conducted for 1 1/2 years, so these recommendations will probably change through time, and hopefully they will keep us updated. You can find the information she presented here.

Plants for Pollinators - a visual guide 

Preliminary Plants for Pollinators Detailed Results -more detailed results and charts

Tess Grasswitz will be presenting at the NM Organic Conference this weekend if you missed her fantastic and educational presentation at NMBKA. 

Contact information:

David R. Dreesen

Tess R. Grasswitz

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Jessie, thanks for posting this.  It is most helpful!

Great information!  Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much, Jessie! I was one of those furiously writing down plant names, genus and species! This will make it easier  to plant this spring and in the future.


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