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Skyler Marsh posted this on the NM Beeks site.  I noticed only one person had viewed it so far.  Figured I would share it here.


A lady called me today from Belen.  Her name is Angelina Ritter and she said that a bunch of bees attacked her husband today as he was walking down the street.  She is concerned that they are Africanized bees, but I don't really think they are.  She would like someone to get the bees if they can.  I know that it is late in the year for this, but I thought maybe someone would like to check them out.  I don't know a lot of beeks in Northern New Mexico but I figured you guys might know someone that lives in the area.  Her number is 5052038942.  Thanks!


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Thanks Jarvis,

I live in Belen, i called her and will go check it out shortly. Appparently they have a hive in an adobe wall. Angelina indicated they were very aggresive, they stung her father in the face several times when he walked by. 

Ray E.

Raymond, I was just about to pass on the message to you. So glad to see you already saw Jeremy's posting. Let us know how it turns out and keep safe! 

I just checked out the bees, definitely Honey Bees they are in a fence made of frame stucco composition. I am trying to reach the property owners who is different than the reporting party to see if they will allow a removal. They are somewhat aggressive and a hazard to people walking across their flight path would be perfect for a trapout if it was earlier in the season. I  snapped a photo and attached it. Hopefully the property owner will get back to me.


The property owner agreed to allow me to trapout the bees in spring 2014. I can hardly wait.....

The photo i uploaded depicts the entrance to the hive, the hive appears to have established itself mid summer 2013, a borescope inspection will occur prior to the planned spring  2014 trapout. I hope they overwinter, it should be noted that their defensive behavior is average, however they were very active and beware should you be in their runway....


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