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Hello All!  I have some mated, beautiful Queens for sale!  Locally Raised!   Late summer and fall can be a perfect time to requeen. $30/EA   Call me at 505-681-5662 or call Ken Hays 869-2369

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I think I may need to get one of these. Have any left? I pulled a queen from my strongest hive to put in a "bait" box for a trap out type of extraction, which is going successfully but now I fear my old hive is queenless. It looks like queen cells have been vacated but I am not seeing any eggs or larvae. I will do another check later this week and most likely be calling you!

Hi Lara,

I should have some Queens left through the next couple of weeks, but that is about it.  How long has it been since you pulled the old queen out of your hive?  It seems likely that you could have a virgin running around in there.

Thanks Megan!

I was hoping that maybe she was out getting it on with some neighboring drones. I am going to do another inspection tomorrow morning. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I took away the old lady.

I found her today!!! She was definitely walking around like a regal knocked up lady. I still have trouble seeing eggs, but I did think I spotted a few and a couple of very small white larvae too. I don't think I need one after all. Thank you.

Megan..... as noted in previous reply, considering re-queening one hive.  Are the queens from docile hives?

Hey Ken....

as far as I know, yes all of the queens are from docile hives, the nucs were fine when they were at my place but they were small.  If you want to requeen Id be happy to bring another queen to the meeting on thursday or you can go pick one up at Ken Hays place in bosque farms.

No need Megan.  The one hive I was concerned about appears to have settled down.  The aggressiveness may have been due to the move and introduction to the new hive.  All appears well.  Thanks again.


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