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We have about an apple size cluster of bees hanging out under the eave of our top bar hive entrance while it is raining.  Is that OK? It is our strongest hive.


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More than likely just caused by over crowding.

look for this hive to swarm shortly or split it to avoid swarming.

sometimes they are just tooo hot in the hive and come out to

beared up and get some air,dont be too alarmed, most hives are

doing this every after noon till late nite when it gets cooler they go

back inside.

I think that is the case, as they only do this at the hotest time of the day and they are still around and have not left 10 days later. Craig told me I could drill a hole and over with screen... we are going in today to see how they do.




you could also gap the top open with a couple of popcycle  sticks,

penny or dime sized drilled holes seem to work good ,if the bees don't

like them they will plug them if they do like them they will guard them

and leave them open,this is what ive seen.

We put sunshades on the hives in the summer.  Two sticks, like top bars without the fin, crosswise on top of the lid.  A half sheet of plywood on top of that, and two big rocks to weigh it down.


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