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Responding to your email about the lack of '0' option for hives surviving the winter.  My one hive in 87108 did not survive.

Also, question #14 did not give the option of '0' either.  I forget the topic ,but I think it had to do with treatment.

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I realize after I submitted that I made an error on my beekeeping practices survey after submitting it,  under honey production I reported U.S. Lbs instead of gallons.  Is their a way to correct this.

Thanks for letting us know.  You can just let us know here and we can change it in the data on our spreadsheet.

I had problems with "0" as well. I lost all of my hives and therefore could not answer the questions about opening, treatment, etc.  I put a note in a comment area stating that I would put "1" just so I could finish the survey.  Thanks, k

Thanks Konnie.  We are taking note of these so that we can correct the data. So sorry to hear about your hives.  

Thank you so much Rod--we will change this in the data.

Please change my answer on Question 14 of the survey from 1 to 0 . . . I only had 1 hive and it did not survive the winter.

Ken Tabish/Mary Darling

Got it!

how long after surveys are taken should we expect to see 

our names on the lists?

Things should be up and ready to go for swarms by April 1st

why is my name not on the swarm list?

Because it hasn't been created yet


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