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Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees - NM Agriculture Exemption

We have posted a class on our website that covers the NM Agriculture exemption for honeybees as livestock to help reduce property taxes for those who own properties that exceed 1.5 acres. The state says the first 1/2 acre does not qualify when there is a home on the property. Every full acre over the 1/2 acre qualifies. Vacant land qualifies, but has to be a full acre or more.
All counties in New Mexico offer an agricultural exemption for land owners who place bee colonies on their properties for the production of bee products (listed as honey in the state tax codes). They can also lease a portion of their land to beekeepers to receive the exemption.
We are assisting land owners to help them meet the requirements for each county to qualify for an agricultural exemption. This includes selling beehives, providing colony management and offering hands on training.
We are including documents from the New Mexico Tax Assessors office as links in the right hand column of our website under New. Click on this link to take you to a form or a link. New Mexico tax laws stipulates that the first 1/2 acre with a home does not qualify for the exemption, but the land in excess of 1/2 acre does.
We have posted the following video from our Albuquerque Beekeeping Class on Property Tax Exemption for Agriculture (Honeybees):
Copy and paste the link below in your web browser:
Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees Deadline to apply is 2/29/2020
We will be positing another class on the exemption in the coming two weeks and Live Stream it and place it on YouTube.

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