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My hive swarmed again yesterday - very large swarm, I captured them and gave them to Brett. My question: is the queen that's replacing the queen that left with the swarm mature now, or is she still in the queen cell? I want to go in and remove any additional swarm cells, but I want to make sure the new queen has hatched. I will look for her, but want to wait to open the hive if she likely hasn't hatched yet.

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The swarm usually leaves just before the new queen hatches.  I wouldn't remove the additional swarm cells unless you can confirm that you have a fertile queen.  You could try to move them to new hives and grow more queens.  If you do decide to remove the queen cells, you might find people like me who would be interested in getting some of them.


Absolutely! I removed some last year and it really hurt my feelings.  I was actually thinking of starting another hive, I need to order some boxes. I will let you know what I find out about the queen cells shortly, I think I'm going to take a quick look in there later today just to see what's going on.


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